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About Aerobics Oz Style

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Aerobics Oz Style is an all Australian exercise and fitness show that millions of people worldwide  enjoyed watching. Since the first episode aired in 1982, well over 6,000 episodes were produced, which makes Aerobics Oz Style one of Australia's longest running and most outstanding television success stories.

Aerobics Oz Style aired in more than 50 countries at its peak.

After 23 years on Channel 10, the show stopped production in 2005. It also ran for many years in the UK on Sky Sports, was shown in a number of European countries including France, aired in the middle east and on Fox Sports in the USA, and various Asian countries, including Japan where it enjoyed a big following. Up until recently it was also shown on the Aurora channel on Foxtel.

The television show featured a line up of engaging and highly-skilled fitness instructors who would help you achieve your goals

Many fans continue their aerobic routines with a range of the best selling Aerobic Oz Style DVD's.

The television format of the show remained consistent throughout each 30 minute episode. Lead by one main instructor with four demonstrators to the side and behind, the first of the four segments in each show is for warm-up exercises. This was followed by two main exercise segments and the show ends with a stretch or cool-down segment.

Originally shot indoors in a studio, the episodes later moved to outdoor locations at scenic or iconic spots around Sydney - showcasing the great Australian lifestyle. Each episode focuses on a particular exercise theme. Popular recurring exercise themes through the series have included:

  • abdominals
  • legs
  • high impact
  • low impact
  • body toning
  • kick-boxing
  • Latin dancing
  • pilates.

The Aerobics Oz Style online shop gives you access to a unique set of longer format exercise DVDs and videos than the broadcast episodes. The DVDs and videos also include some exercise styles that aren't otherwise featured - such as the Swiss Ball - as well as unique music not heard in broadcast episodes.

Music for many of the shows after 1998 was composed especially for Aerobics Oz Style by a well-know songwriting duo called U NO HU. Composers Gary Williams and Philip Barber created a series of captivating dance and chill out tracks for the show that have undoubtedly contributed to the show's popularity.

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