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Our Instructors

June Jones

Over a decade of dance lessons helped June decide the fitness business was where she wanted to be. Initially an instructor, she was commissioned to help form and lead the Aerobics Oz Style. 15 years later she is still going strong. June has two children, and enjoys movies, reading and plenty of outdoor activities. 
Titles include:
 High Energy, Firm Body, Stepping Out, Getting Into Shape, Stretch-A-Robics, The Spirit of Yoga.

Effie Michaels

Effie creates all the costumes worn by the Aerobics Oz Style team. She often appears on the show with her daughter Natalie, whilst husband Harry has directed the series for over 12 years. They have a son named Michael.

Titles include: Total Body Workout; Abs, Hips, Bottom & Thighs, Stretch-A-Robics.

Taryn Polovin

Years of dance, martial arts and sport led Taryn to a love of health & fitness. She has a Degree in Exercise and Sport Science as well as a postgraduate certificate in nutrition. Taryn is an international instructor trainer and lecturer at the Australian Filex fitness conference. She owns a Pilates & Functional Training studio and runs a holistic lifestyle and nutrition practice in Sydney. She has two beautiful daughters and a crazy pound puppy and believes in living life to the fullest.

Titles include: Belly Dance Fitness, Pilates Evolution, Pilates 2 Intermediate, The Spirit of Yoga, On the Ball.

Michelle Dean

Michelle has won a World Aerobics title, often takes 15 classes a week, is a staff instructor for a large fitness company, and a regular member of Aerobics Oz Style. She also somehow finds time for roller blading, throwing a frisbee and reading.
Titles include: Kick-A-Robics; Stretch- A-Robics.



Jose Garcia

One of Columbia South America's most celebrated fitness figures; Jose's debut sees him heading up AOS in "Heat in your Feet", the first specialist Latin themed workout. Now based in Sydney, Jose says "Australia is more in tune with International Aerobics, and overall the exponents here are far more athletic".
Titles include: Heat in Your Feet.



Jodie Low

Winning the Miss Fitness Australia title in 1996 meant Jodie had impeccable credentials to become part of the Aerobics Oz Style team. She has worked as a professional instructor and motivator for a chain of fitness centres. In her rare spare time, she enjoys tennis and seeing movies.
Titles include: High Energy; Firm Body; Kick-A-Robics; Stretch- A-Robics.



Helen Tardent

As a pioneer of Pilates in Australia, Helen was first introduced to her passion as a professional dancer with the Royal Academy of Dance in London. This has lead her to owning and operating a successful Pilates Studio, in Double Bay Sydney, Australia. Her goal - share dancing's best kept secret with all the AOS viewers.
Titles include: Pilates (Body and Soul) Pilates2 - Intermediate.



Wendi Carroll

A desire to lose weight led Wendy to aerobics 21 years ago. She quickly became a devotee and became a professional instructor, as well as an integral member of Aerobics Oz Syle. She has a partner and a son - a gifted musician. Time permitting, she likes to dance, spend time with her family and listen to music.
Titles include: Trim your Body, High Energy, Abs, Hips, Bottoms & Thighs, Firm Body, Stretch-A-Robics.


Kelly Martinovich

Kelly was born in South Africa and won numerous "dance" awards before moving to Australia in 1998. She joined the Oz aerobics team in 2000, won the fitness industry " Instructor of the Year " award in 2000 and 2001, and loves going to the beach, watching movies and chocolate.
Titles include: On the Ball.